Brickyard Lake

2 Acres (26 Pegs) - NO NIGHT FISHING


Day Tickets -


1 Rod - £8 (£5.00 Concessions)

2 Rods - £10 (£5.00 Concessions)


Evening Tickets - £5 (£3 Concessions)


Super small club match venue with a full

variety of fish.


26 pegs but in practice this needs to be

reduced during matches to avoid overlap:

we recommend a maximum of 20 pegs

for matches.


Carp from 1/2lb to 9lb, Bream to 6lb,

Tench to 5lb, Roach to 1.5lb,

Crucians to 3lb, Rudd regularly 1lb+

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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