Grendon Lake

8 Acres (60 Pegs) - NO NIGHT FISHING


Day Tickets -


1 Rod - £8 (£5.00 Concessions)

2 Rods - £10 (£5.00 Concessions)


Evening Tickets - £5 (£3 Concessions)


This pond is renowned for its terrific head of carp. Pleasure anglers regularly have catches of 200lb

There is a programme of restocking to maintain the level of smaller fish as these grow all too quickly. 

Carp are taken between 8oz and 18lb with the average being 6-7lb.

The biggest carp taken during a match was 22lb 4oz but there are reports of one being weighed unofficially by a pleasure angler at 28lb.

Winter fishing at its best

Each winter Castle Ashby is graced by top Roach anglers from all over the country to take part in silver fish matches and leagues.

Grendon pond is prolific with skimmers to 2lb, Roach to 12oz, Perch to 1.5lb, Crucians to 2lb. There is lots of small Roach, Perch, Gudgeon on all pegs. Winning weights are 17-30lb on reasonable days (carp not counting) back up weights 8-12lb.

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