Scotland Lake



Day Tickets -


1 Rod - £8 (£5.00 Concessions)

2 Rods - £10 (£5.00 Concessions)


Evening Tickets - £5 (£3 Concessions)


This pond is prolific with all species of fish: carp, tench, bream, crucians, roach, Rudd, gudgeon, perch and also large pike. It attracts anglers looking for larger carp. It is heavily stocked with fish between 9lb and 19lb fish together with numerous 20lb+ specimens. 

There have been carp weighed in at 29lb 2oz, 29lb 4oz, 29lb 14oz and fish over 30lb have now been caught. 

This lake is renowned for producing large catches of fish all year round (even during the cold winter months) and catches of 200lb are not uncommon. 

This water also holds an attractive stock of bream between 3lb and 7lb and superb catches of skimmers is regularly taken. 

As with the Brickyard and Grendon ponds this water attracts many of the top named anglers during the winter months to tackle the large head of silver fish. Scotland pond offers it all.

Night fishing is allowed but onlyon a limited membership basis wirh strict rules and regulations.


Application must be made in advance, Call Mick or Brett for more information.

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